Photographer, Videographer, Director, Designer, Singer, Song Writer, Record Label Founder and Owner, Dancer, Model, Stylist, Talent Manager, Business Consultant, Web Designer, Dance Instructor, Dance Event Coordinator, Dance Event Organizer, Costume Designer, Makeup Vendor, Women Empowerment Advocate, Influencer and Mother.


She is bold, she is fierce, she is determined, she is driven, she is captivating, she is confident.

She is Jessica C.

An artist in all creative fields, she is breaking new ground every step of her way while positively influencing & inspiring everyone she meets on her journey. All she does leaves the rest of us breathless just thinking about it. She knows how to move in the social circles of life and she knows where she is headed, only for success!

Inspired by a dear friend no longer with us and those in her dance family community she has found her wings and the full breathe of her possibilities. She sees no limits, hears no limits, knows no limits. The human mind is something extremely amazing and we are capable of far more than what we can conceive.

Jessica C. has been able to tap into just the beginning of her creative influence on the world around her. She is someone you want to know, you want to work with, you want to be around. As she surrounds herself only with positive energy and is the most strong headed raw talent you will ever see! She is going places people, you don’t want to miss this train. Where she will end up is only going to grow in greatness and those who have supported her along the way will reap the benefits of this most amazing woman!

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You never know where you’re ripple effect will take you or how far your impact on the world will reach. Treat every project as your only and last. Enjoy every moment and take in all the sweet details around you. God’s creation, including us, is just incredible!
~ Jessica C.

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